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Help support The Writers Grotto this Giving Tuesday
Support The Writers Grotto this Giving Tuesday!
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November 1st, 2022 Newsletter
Click the link to check out November 1st newsletter!
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Reading and Meeting Nov. 18th
Join the Writers Grotto for a special Reading and Meeting on Friday, November 18th, from 5-7pm at 1663 Mission St. Writers Grotto members featured include Kathy Seligman, Sabina Khan-Ibarra, Christopher Cook, Louise Nayer, and Dominic Lim, with Ethel Rohan MCing the event. Refreshments and appetizers will be provided.
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Art by Leah Korican and Simo Neri now featured in our mezzanine!
The Writers Grotto is pleased to feature work by artists Leah Korican and Simo Neri in our mezzanine space. To learn more about their art, please visit and
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Check out our August classes news!
World-building and write-ins - sign up for your August class now! Plus our fall lineup of classes & write-ins and scholarship opportunity!
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