Episode 127: Beth Lisick and ‘Edie on the Green Screen’

Beth Lisick’s debut novel, Edie on the Green Screen, is about a Bay Area Gen-X rebel, an “It Girl” in the late ’90s who faces her own obsolescence in 2010s San Francisco. It is fundamentally about how we manage change, and the change our world has experienced since this story’s inception only makes Edie and her travails more relevant to the moment. Join a chat about Lisick’s self-described “crabby bartender,” her myopia and troubled awakening, and the challenges of maintaining sanity as the pillars of your ego crumble. Lisick, co-founder of the Porchlight Storytelling Series, a wickedly entertaining live event that’s lit up SF and other cities for 18 years, breathes new life into some of the city’s best lost niches, characters, and scenes.
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